EHR and practice management is our only business. We keep enhancing the user experience continually and add features and functionality to our electronic health records to provide you the latest technology and productivity solutions to achieve meaningful use and these all happen without ever affecting your practice or down time.

Integrated EHR


Our EHR system is linked to all areas of practice management including eligibility checks, claim submission, payment posting, scheduling, documentation, immunization and custom reporting. This is the only EHR in the market providing such robust connectivity to all modules and allowing to provide access based restriction on virtually any and every feature making your practice achieve highest productivity possible.


Some of the benefits of our Integrated EHR and practice management system are listed below,

  • Complete HIPAA Compliance
  • Easy to use
  • Exceeding the meaningful use requirements by far
  • Improve documentation, reducing costly errors
  • Easily access patient records at multiple locations
  • Completely customizable forms
  • Color drawings and drawing templates
  • EHR/EMR helps maintain complete patient medical histories
  • No more searching for lost charts
  • Create documents, letters and referrals at the touch of a button
  • Improved Reimbursement
  • Immediate Information Availability
  • Expedite clinical decision making
  • Improve patient care
  • Foster rapid & accurate communication
  • Leverage existing technologies & methods
  • Compensate for Business and IT staff shortages
  • Maintaining Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure patient safety & reduce or eliminate medical & billing errors
  • Treat more patients - with greater precision - in less time