Prescription legibility mistakes have accounted for millions of dollars in wasted productivity along with serious causes of either injury or death. But providing better patient care can easily start with the simple process of writing electronic prescriptions.


Utilize First Data Bank’s 11,000 drug-allergy & drug - drug interaction check and SureScripts' connectivity with 80,000 plus pharmacies nationwide to write legible prescriptions directly to the pharmacies.


Our E-Prescription module, powerful patient care tools such as allergy checking, allows the physician to create an electronic prescription as fast as a hand-written prescription. Then these electronic prescriptions are stored in the electronic health record that can then be sent directly to the patient's preferred pharmacy or printed and handed to the patient.


With our module, your staff can eliminate countless hours of time spent answering the pharmacy's questions about handwriting, substitutes, and dispensing instructions while physicians can rest easy knowing that the patient received the right medication, with the correct signatures.


Our flexible and comprehensive prescription/e-prescribe module easily tracks medication and refill histories. Complete with drug education integration, dosing, allergy and drug interactions and contra-indication checks.


  • Maintain history of current/past medications
  • Drug education
  • Create frequently used individual or group medication templates
  • Transmit prescriptions by print, fax or e-prescribe