Our technology broadly consists of 3 categories - web, desktop and mobile, designed and built using MVC.net architecture and latest development tools for SQL Server to support millions of encounters and multi-site configurations. We have twin layer backups to cover for any breakdowns.


Our team consists of experts who are technically sound with good knowledge of healthcare industry. It does help that we only focus on healthcare. We offer a true enterprise-wide clinical, administrative and financial solution for real-time integration using emerging technologies. Our technology allows maximum interoperability with usage of HL7, X12, CCD, Fax, and CCR technologies allowing practitioners to concentrate on the practice and not communicating.


We are fully HIPAA Compliant and use 256-bit encryption for data transfers. All actions on the application are tracked utilizing our sophisticated Audit trail functionality. No breach ever goes unreported or untracked, if ever there was one in your practice!!


Our product and technology are both scalable and suite a solo practitioner as well as multi-physician and multi-speciality practice.